August 17, 2022

Food delivery robot refers to a business provider robotic this is engaged in food delivery, tray return, and reception. The upstream of its business chain is mainly core additives inclusive of lidar, intensity cameras, ai chips, and motors. The midstream is a food delivery robot production employer. Especially, the downstream is mainly used within the catering service enterprise.

Pushed by way of the epidemic, in current years, the food shipping robotic market has proven continuous expansion and prosperity. Within the fierce market competition, the enterprise pattern has additionally to start with emerged. Organizations along with qinglang shrewd and purdue technology have accumulated wealthy scene blessings. Whether or not it is the size of landing or the rate of landing has been at the vanguard.


Development history description


As an emerging industry, the development of food delivery robot has experienced four periods of exploration, start, growth and explosion.


Exploration period

Before 2016. At this stage, the development of core hardware and key technologies in the industry is still immature; downstream applications are narrow; the application scenarios of complete machine manufacturers have not been deeply cultivated, and the client market education is insufficient.



From 2016 to 2018, the upstream supply chain was more complete, and high-quality complete machine manufacturers began to enter the market, but the market awareness was low, and the technology had not been verified by field applications. In 2016, qinglang intelligence and purdue technology began to build catering robots by building self-driving cars. This is the first time that catering robots have applied the slam (simultaneous localization and mapping) solution. Slam technology is a robot. The key to achieving autonomous walking. In the first half of 2018, qinglang intelligent took the lead in building the production line of peanut food delivery robot, and qinglang food delivery robot began to fully distribute goods.


Growth length

The technique of localization and substitution of center additives has extended, and alertness giants have all started to go into the game. In 2019, haidilao, xiabuxiabu and other companies started out to introduce meals shipping robots in small batches. Driven via main businesses, the enterprise started out to progressively pay attention to this music.



2020 to present. The industrial chain ecology has been gradually improved, and the localization of core components has been basically realized. In particular, the outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the implementation of food delivery robots, and the level of market awareness has improved. Companies such as qinglang intelligence and purdue technology that have previously deployed in this field also seized the opportunity in time. In the process of food delivery robot gradually entering the large-scale application, more and more enterprises have entered the game.


The pattern is about?


At present, within the food transport robot market, companies focusing on this category especially include qinglang intelligence and purdue technology. Amongst them, qinglang and purdue occupied maximum of the marketplace percentage, and also acquired the most financing from the track.

With the assist of capital, the pinnacle impact of the enterprise has regularly emerged, and the dimensions and speed of the landing of qinglang and purdue are constantly increasing. From the angle of the industry as an entire, although the improvement of meals delivery robots has entered an outbreak length, businesses represented with the aid of qinglang intelligence and purdue generation have additionally executed small-scale programs in some restaurants, however it is still too early to say that the sample has been decided.

First, there are still broader subdivision utility scenarios within the present marketplace that want to be protected urgently.

At gift, although the development level of meals shipping robotic has entered an epidemic period, there are nevertheless many situations to be evolved within the real catering wise distribution market. As an instance, within the great small and medium-sized eating place scene, how to solve the ache points consisting of slender aisle passage and food pickup in restaurants on the premise of making sure performance and stability is the important thing to the popularization of meals shipping robots. Qinglang clever’s “flying fish” is a product that integrates flexibility and functionality to deal with the pain points of narrow passages in chinese rapid style and casual dining scenes. The smaller body is matched with centimeter-stage positioning. With high precision, it may skip smoothly in the extremely-slender aisle of 50cm, supplying a amazing answer for smart food shipping in small and medium situations.


Qinglang sensible food transport robot “flying fish”


2nd, the product layout of food delivery robots has yet to be accelerated.

At present, maximum meals transport robots available on the market are designed within the form of a cell chassis and an adjustable tray or locker. This form of product may be utilized in most vivid and spacious locations with directly and clean routes. But, the form of catering is rich and diverse, especially in current years, with the speedy improvement of strong point catering, many eating places have precise decorations, and conventional wheeled robots are not appropriate for terrain including slopes and steps. Particularly, takeaway meals delivery faces a extra complicated surroundings. Consequently, whether it’s miles an indoor or outdoor food transport robot, with a view to apply to a diffusion of food shipping environments, the product shape has a variety of room for exploration. As an instance, the newly launched 4-legged shipping robot d1 via purdue generation is a breakthrough in the industry. D1 is geared up with a gimbal distribution box that could robotically regulate the pitch mind-set and keep horizontal stability. Even under outside pressure disturbance, it could usually ensure the stability of the body for the duration of the motion technique. It may be used for uneven ground, steps, slopes, small bridges and flowing water, and many others. Uniquely decorated restaurant.


Purdue technology’s 4-legged delivery robotic “d1”


0.33, due to the consistency of the technical good judgment of the robotic cell chassis, the horizontal expansion of the song is pretty not unusual in the industrial provider robot industry.

Corporations at the track inclusive of cleaning robots and welcome robots can use their own era to transition to food shipping robots in a shorter cycle. As an instance, the pangolin robot has been focusing on the studies and improvement, manufacturing and sales of carrier robots due to the fact that its status quo in 2006. Counting on the core technologies along with robot chassis, algorithms, and deep studying, the company has shaped three most important product collection: welcome robots, distribution robots, and epidemic prevention robots. Amy and jianbao have a selection of meals delivery robots to serve the catering enterprise and lodges. Consisting of the real property developer us of a garden, which has been deeply engaged in the field of robotics era, its qianxi catering robotic group additionally formally opened the foodom tianjiang food country in june 2020. The meals served in the eating place is served by the robot “chef”, while the front table offerings inclusive of reception and ground distribution are also completed by using robots.


Pangolin food shipping robotic “amy”


Qinglang intelligence stated that at present, there are 3 principal limitations to the core competitiveness of meals shipping robot companies: first, era, the employer’s complete-stack self-studies potential; 2nd, manufacturing line, the self-manufacturing and mass manufacturing capability of products; third, carrier, terminal operation dimensional scalability. In different phrases, even though it will now not be difficult for groups that specialize in other fields of business carrier robots to create a meals transport robotic, “having a robotic” does now not suggest “having a marketplace proportion”, and it’s miles vital to comprehensively don’t forget the manufacturing capability and hematopoietic potential of the employer. , how strong is the service capability. Among them, whether or not a whole closed-loop carrier may be set up may be very critical for organisations to capture extra market share.

It’s far understood that qinglang intelligence presently has factories in shanghai qingpu, jiangsu wujiang, and zhejiang jiaxing. Different production traces are adapted to the manufacturing desires of different types of robots to make certain the production efficiency and shipping pace of robots. On the same time, there are almost 60 marketing centers throughout the us of a, supplying robotic rental and upkeep services. It is mentioned that when the food delivery robot is positioned into use inside the market, qinglang intelligence will be aware of the “attendance fee” of the product in real time. If it is the trouble of the robotic itself, it’s going to re-take a look at the product overall performance and operation route; if it is the trouble of the eating place turnover price, the organization cannot control, but can provide reference for using robots. For instance, a eating place has became a meals delivery robot into an outdoor cell “water sales” robot all through off-top hours, or allow the robotic run around the eating place with snacks and fruits. For visitors to choose up.

In truth, meals transport is basically the switch and distribution of gadgets, which makes the application eventualities of meals delivery robots have a extensive range of enlargement area. As an example, the meals transport robotic of qinglang sensible appeared on the recycling production line of the manufacturing facility, and was answerable for the distribution of product elements; the food delivery robot of purdue era was answerable for the shipping of documents inside the sanatorium, and the distribution of medicines and scientific supplies for the health facility. In the course of the epidemic, in fangcang safe haven hospitals in lots of provinces and cities across the u . S ., meals delivery robots have also become an vital member of the contactless distribution navy, with department of exertions responsible for handing over food and drugs.


The destiny of food delivery robots


At the whole, meals delivery robot has completed commercial touchdown and formed a selected operation mode. As an instance, qinglang intelligence and purdue era offer two procurement modes: one-time buy and month-to-month leasing. Smaller eating places can use month-to-month leasing. The monthly cost does now not exceed 3,000 yuan, and the minimal every day cost is less than 70 yuan; large catering manufacturers can select to buy without delay. Relying on the revenue level of the metropolis, the go back on investment cycle fluctuates inside 6-eight months. And with the maturity of the home deliver chain of middle additives together with automobiles, lidars, and visual cameras, the hardware cost of robots has been significantly reduced, and a meals delivery robot with a workload 1.5-2 instances that of a complete-time waiter can achieve extra achievement inside the catering industry. Fee reduction and efficiency profits.

At gift, the call for for food transport robots in warm pot eating places is a whole lot higher than that of other categories. On the only hand, the new pot enterprise in china is growing unexpectedly. The order volume and overall intake of hot pot categories rank first among all catering categories, and the annual intake accounts for approximately 30% of the whole class. One fifth.


Purdue era and qinglang shrewd’s meals shipping robot serves warm pot eating places


Alternatively, as compared with different forms of catering, customers order more varieties of meals and feature better necessities for transport efficiency. Famous catering organizations which includes haidilao, wangshun pavilion, banu maodu hot pot, and dezhuang hot pot have all used food delivery robots, and have done batches national.

With the “clever” improve of human beings’s production and life-style, the outbreak of sensible service robots is inevitable. Coupled with the impact of the worldwide new crown pneumonia epidemic, the contactless and secure distribution of food shipping robots has end up a rigid call for inside the catering industry, and large-scale commercial use is best a remember of time. Consequently, for entrants, whether it’s miles a huge agency or a begin-up enterprise, most effective by way of seizing the ache points of the industry, stimulating innovation vitality, and more centered and professionally sprucing merchandise and brands, can they have got the opportunity to gain a company foothold in the industry.