September 30, 2022

Home, in addition to being a shelter from wind and rain, has gradually become a place for ideal life. Whether it is quiet and stable, or turbulent, everyone has a unique way of life and daily habits. Home is the space where you can best express yourself.

Even a well-known designer can’t design a perfect home. Because the home carries the years that have passed, the beauty of persistence and the long-lasting taste.

The home interior design of 2022 is no longer mechanically filled according to functions. A home should not only be comfortable and beautiful, but also texture and personality. These new changes and trends can fill the home with more inspiration and make life more possible.

Design Is Not Only A Creation, A Feeling, But Also A Comfortable Way Of Life


NO.1 Open sharing format


With the isolation and blockade of the past two years, more and more people are gradually realizing the importance of “open space”. Therefore, the home layout in 2022 will gradually tend to be more open and fluid.

The open layout emphasizes transparency, reduces walls and partitions, and allows space to have more possibilities. Not only will the utilization rate be significantly improved, but the interaction and communication between family members will also be more frequent and smooth.

You can open up your mind and reimagine the floor plan. Flexible partitions are used to create a sense of breadth and depth, which not only allows the body and mind to travel freely, but also allows the furniture to be readjusted and matched, becoming a world of creativity and inspiration.

Barriers, partition walls, window openings, inclusive ways, poetic moving lines, and coherent layouts are interlocked, independent and connected to each other. The spaces are borrowed from each other, creating a fluidity with vitality.

Even for a small and exquisite apartment, floor-to-ceiling windows and hollow partitions can be used to create an open visual experience. Try to keep the space apart and keep the space flowing, which will give the soul the freedom to fly invisibly.

The open layout blurs the boundaries of space, and spaces with different functions can be wonderfully self-adjusted, coordinated and compatible, connecting different life scenes, greatly expanding the capacity and function of the family space.

Of course, the open layout is not suitable for all spaces, but needs to be designed and adjusted according to living habits. For spaces that require privacy and quietness, such as bedrooms and study rooms, privacy and enclosure can be preserved by means of elevated or partitioned walls.

The open space is like a clean canvas, and the content of life is the strong strokes. Because of the rich emotions and infinite possibilities contained in the interaction, the home is also full of shared beauty and rich layers.


NO.2 Flexible arc design


In the past few years, from architecture, home furnishing to pattern design, angular geometric shapes are gradually being replaced by gentle and soft rounded curves.

For a home, comfort and safety are paramount. Compared with the tough aggressiveness of right angles, the soft curves and arcs give people a comfortable and harmonious sense of harmony, which makes it easier to relax and indulge in it.

Compared with the right-angle sofa, the curved sofa is both stylish and comfortable. Smooth lines and rounded arcs, like indoor landscapes and three-dimensional sculptures floating in the space, are filled with a poetic atmosphere.

The curved walls and door openings have smooth and beautiful lines, and the vision is elegant and soft. The curved partitions are dense and intricate, with a maze-like attraction, with textured furniture and changing structures, like a space wonderland.

The design of the arched door not only brings the beauty of curves, but also stretches the height of the floor, making the visual feeling higher and more spacious.

Rounded ceilings, walls and arc-shaped furniture, as a space background, are suitable for modern furniture with clear lines. The collision of elegance and softness with concise and tough style allows the home to combine rigidity and softness.

In addition to the curved wall and ceiling, the curved island can also be designed, which not only complements the open kitchen, but also harmoniously coexists with the connected living room. While taking into account functionality and comfort, it is full of artistic sense.

The most beautiful of all shapes is the circle. In the home space, the arc-shaped home decoration that can soften the space will definitely make your home more beautiful than the tough right angles with sharp edges and corners.


NO.3 Multifunctional compound space


Affected by the external environment, in recent years, more and more social and public activities have been forced to be transferred to the family. With changes in needs and functions, the home has gradually become a testing ground for space transformation.

The arrangement of the space is not a superposition of furniture, but a combination of different qualities. Homes can also try to get rid of fixed functional constraints and build a vital multi-functional combination space around life itself.

No matter how big or small your home is, you can have a warm corner where you can live your life and release your emotions. It can be a book corner, an audio-visual room, a leisure hall, a gym, and a chess and card room. Every corner can be multi-faceted and exquisite, with infinite ingenuity.

There are many seemingly unusual functional combinations in the home, but they can generate wonderful chemical reactions. Make the most of unused or inconvenient corner spaces, bringing unexpected surprises.

A multifunctional space can only be done with the help of corners or walls. For example, the popular book wall in recent years, choose the wall or corner as the book storage place. Add a comfortable seat, accompanied by music and lights, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle in an instant and immerse yourself in the comfortable paradise of reading.

The functional area with multiple flexible uses houses the infinite possibilities of life and the rich spiritual world. Inspiration can also be galloped in a small space, accommodating the diverse needs of different levels of body and mind.


NO.4 Contrasting colors are gorgeous colors


With the gradual improvement of aesthetic culture and standards, the choice of home color is no longer blindly followed by the trend. Compared with the dull and elegant colors in the early years, the color matching trend has also become rich and diverse.

In the era of emphasizing emotional feelings, home is no longer just a calm expression. Warm and warm autumn yellow, fresh twilight green, harmonious iron chestnut red, or strong or quiet colors are matched with each other, complementing each other and putting on a modern and gorgeous coat for the home.

Colorful colors are most suitable for a simple background. Colorful decorations and solid color walls complement each other, and the coordination is full of childlike surprises.

Color can subtly affect inner feelings through visual impact. Whether it is hot and bright or calm and restrained, as long as it is matched with the appropriate texture, it can create its unexpected charming effect.

Different color matching will have completely different visual experience. The unique color matching can not only make the space level rich and three-dimensional, but also reflect individual preferences and aesthetic tastes, and play a role in adjusting the atmosphere.

For example, when cool colors are used as the background, warm yellow curtains and golden furniture accessories can instantly brighten the space, making it look elegant, modern, and relaxed.

The more quiet and deep dark space, the more bright furniture and accessories are needed to create an atmosphere. For example, the dark gray and blue living room, with colorful sofas and high-saturation bright pillows, is quiet and gorgeous.

A beautiful home can present abstract healing in a figurative space. Natural materials, abstract patterns, bright colors, interspersed with penetrating and imaginative collisions, are both unique and charming.

Color is the soul of space. It seems ordinary and ordinary, but it can be all-encompassing. It can not only adjust the mood and comfort emotions, but also change the atmosphere of the space and create a unique style.


NO.5 natural wind warm texture


The complicated outside world can’t be controlled, at least you can enjoy peace, warmth and purity at home. Therefore, the focus on natural materials is definitely the future trend, including how to choose items and arrange spaces.

We have an innate affinity for natural materials, whether it is the gentleness of stone, the softness of wool, the texture of logs, and the flexibility of cotton and linen. Natural materials with warm qualities convey the most pristine truth in a low-key manner.

The natural materials integrated into the home interior design can restore the energy and texture of life itself to the maximum extent, giving the space a mellow and warm atmosphere.

From fine leather and smooth teak to skin-friendly wool and gentle stone. Delicate touch and natural texture, with a breathable inner life, pervading the innate closeness of nature.

The natural home is filled with a simple but romantic living atmosphere, which can let us in it unconsciously let go of the disguise, and let the body and mind return to the most relaxed and simple state of ease.


NO.6 Retro classic decoration


With the dramatic changes that have taken place around the world over the past few years, more and more people crave a home that feels comfortable, timeless and even a little nostalgic, so the slightly retro decorating style is making a comeback.

Compared with the perfection of the new design, the incomplete characteristics that have undergone the baptism of time are the more inclusive beauty, which is not only charming, but also more warm and emotional.

Items with different styles and eras, with an inclusive story, allow the integration of tradition and avant-garde, which is both functional and comfortable, and evokes nostalgia for the past life, with the magic of softening the space.

Inheriting the classics does not mean immutable. Sometimes clever combinations and contrasting collocations can achieve a clever bridge between the classics and the modern, not only retaining the old times, but also nurturing new stories.

Vintage furniture is the No. 1 brand for creating a nostalgic vibe. Whether it is an old-fashioned leather case that is carefully collected, or a painted drawer full of traces, it has been polished and faded over the years, and it is full of intriguing and gentle temperament.

Handmade fabrics, once commonplace in the past, are now a rare material for creating a unique style. Sometimes a few feet of rags can make a part chic and retro.

There are also traditional-style sculptures and accessories, with a fusion of casualness, which can also make the home rich in heritage and layering. It exudes a quiet and lasting power, as if time and memory are condensed invisibly.

Many design companies also use new technologies to restore past prints and patterns, turning the once classic styles into timeless popular styles that can stand the rubbing of years and the appreciation of time.

Home should be inclusive, life traces and emotional memories are the best decoration of a home. Therefore, instead of keeping up with the trend of cutting-edge designs, you might as well add more classic items with nostalgic atmosphere to your home.


NO.7 Personalized detail design


Home is a reflection of life, and uniqueness is especially important. With the impact of home on life more and more profound and lasting. The detailed design of the space also emphasizes hobbies, aesthetic taste and attitude towards life.

Simple does not mean thin. Today, the boundaries between furniture, design and art that fall under the “Aesthetics of Living” are blurring. Home decor can also avoid absolute definitions of tradition and modernity.

Therefore, no matter the paintings on the walls or the decoration of the countertops, the details of the home design must be carefully crafted to give the space a unique spirituality and warmth.

Instead of spending on expensive renovations and building materials, use it to collect your favorite art and decorations. Whether it is African tribal art, Indian fine painting, Chinese Song Dynasty pottery figurines, British antique furniture or European and American abstract photography, they all carry a unique interest.

Objects are external expressions of emotion. The designs of different textures, colors and shapes are boldly mixed and matched, so that every corner has its own place. The mix and collision between different styles make the space full of surprising balance, exuding indescribable vitality and temperament.

In the detail arrangement, you can see the transition between the new and the old, the soft and the fortitude, the delicate and the honest, and the ingenious ideas that break the routine make the home full of fun.

Home is not only a container for life and a space for display, but also a placement and expression of emotions. The process of creating a home is like creating a work, adding layers, appeal and imagination through constant interaction.

A beautiful home has rich traces of life. Every space seems to hide an interesting story, and every piece of decoration seems to tell the past years, giving the space of the home infinite character and emotion.

A home full of meaning and character, able to balance a busy work life with a fulfilling life. Those spaces that have been baptized by time and carefully selected and precipitated, make the home full of complex and charming flavors.

Home is where the heart is, an experience, and an emotion. You need to think about what real life is like and what kind of spaces make you feel comfortable.

Many people envy those luxurious and fashionable homes in magazines, and always think that it is the abundance of material things that can build such a residence and live such a life.

But in fact, the real life has nothing to do with wealth, it is not a superficial form, nor is it a level of value. Even a mansion with hundreds of millions of dollars and the design of a famous family may gradually become superficial and vulgar if there is no matching mood and taste.

Wealth cannot make space full of life, nor can it buy an elegant taste of life. Making your home more attractive is not about hiring an expensive designer or finding lavish decorations. The taste of home needs to start from itself, because the space needs to be created by the owner through his own life.